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"Hello, I am Begoña Eladi,
freelance graduate in Translation and Interpreting"

More than 20 years translating texts, writing content, traveling, editing documents and living the surfer life

Benefits of working with a freelance translator

I offer professional quality work with more than 22 years of experience, passionate engagement, and a respectful genuine relationship with the client to solve any questions that arise.

While a translation agency will certainly provide a decent service, by working with me you will get the benefits that only dedicated personal treatment can bring to a project.

My vision of the sector and work principles

The translation sector, like everywhere these days, is immersed in digitization. Machine translation is the cheapest option but also the most impersonal. As translators, we continue to be the guarantee of careful and professional work that reflects the true image of a company, its style and personality. The basis of my life and my business are those values that allow me to grow and improve every day. Freedom, simplicity, and honesty are at the top of my list.

Professional goals

My professional objective is to continue growing, working on projects with interesting people that are in line with my values and lifestyle. Empathy is a fundamental part of my relationship with clients, and I use my skills to relate to the client and meet their desired milestones. Closeness, values, empathy, trust.

I am Begoña Eladi Goicoechea, professional freelance translator and graduate of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I studied translation because since I was little I have devoured books and loved travel, another of my passions. Both books and travel connect you to other ways of living and thinking.

In 1999 I discovered that I only needed a table, a chair and a computer to develop my profession and have maximum mobility. My mobile office. Today, I am one of the digital nomads. I would not change it for anything. It allowed me to start my lastest adventure 3 years ago: living with my incredible golden retriever in a van, and now two wonderful border collies have joined us.

There is nothing like working in front of a luscious landscape or the sea, the best place to rest your eyes from the screen.

Your translations in good hands

Training and experience

Academic training

Professional experience

Most outstanding skills

Spanish 100%
Catalan 100%
English 96%
French 97%
Italian 94%
Content writing 95%
Translation 96%
Website translation 95%
Technical translation 92%
Text editing 93%
Proofreading 98%
Copywriting 98%
Transcreation 97%

These days I am in the south of Spain and I travel frequently to the north. The best office is my van. I have natural light, fresh air, maximum tranquility and the company of my dogs.

I’m a freelance translator from French, English and Italian to Spanish and Catalan.

I work as a freelance translator from my van in Tarifa and have my dogs for company.

I work as a freelance translator in Tarifa, with my dogs and my van

Freelance professional translator

Logotipo Begoña Eladi traductora profesional